VietnamCredit is the trade name of Vietnam Credit Information & Rating Company. It is the first legal Business Information provider in Vietnam. VietnamCredit specializes in providing freshly investigated Credit reports on companies in Vietnam. Our products and services enable international & domestic corporations to achieve their business objectives.


VietnamCredit prepares detailed business reports covering most of aspects that clients are interested in. We provide a thorough description of the company that you want to work in the future and/or to have credit decision with. Our reports are designed to help evaluate an enterprise's operations for the purpose of making business decisions.


We provide reports in time. Timearound is very important to you and to us and we shall provide the credit report in time. 


Our reports are most updated. It is extremely important in a rapid changing world, especially in the circumstance of Vietnam where the social economics are in transitional process.


We visit subject to explore information and confirm it before making report. Professional credit rating experts give final comments through credit evaluation working meetings.